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Qualified service technicians are available.

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Maintain and Repair

Maintenance, Repair and Operation of Self Service, Tunnel, and In Bay Automatic Vehicle Washing Facilities.

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About us

MTEK Service is a fully insured company offering qualified service technicians based on hourly rates. We understand your business is personal – you define what your business can and should be. The operator should have the ability to install what products, and chemicals they choose at the time of their choosing. We wish to be an extension of you , supporting your needs and wants of your business. In limiting an operator from what they can and can’t buy and discounting prices to you based on equipment or chemical purchases is quite frankly hokey at best. We do not feel this is a good philosophy and in the operators best interests for a long term trusting relationship.

MTEK is here to service your needs of repair, and the products you the operator wish to install. We offer a wide range of service from maintenance and repair to running your entire wash facility operation. How involved do you wish to be with your facilities? It is up to you.

It is advisable that a 2-hr site visit and a consult fee be the first step to review each wash facility with a technician prior to starting a service agreement.

Our current service area radius is 2 hr. driving distance from West Chester, Pennsylvania. We limit the number of operators and facilities that we work with in order to focus in on a superior level of service that you the operator should expect from MTEK or any service provider for that matter.

We look forward in working with you at your wash facilities and building a long term relationship.


Pricing is available based on individual operator needs. Service payments made automatically through Credit Card or Automatic Bank ACH withdrawal.


Perfect for single freelancers who work by themselves
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Small Business

Suitable for small businesses with up to 5 employees
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Larger Business

Great for large businesses with more than 5 employees
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